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A guy who is completely obsessed with pelvic thrusting.
He will pelvically thrust ANYTHING he sees (chairs, walls, water coolers, pies, etc).
The longer it has been since he got laid, the more frantic and aggressive the thrusting gets.
Simon spots the office water cooler.
It's been 7 & 1/2 months since he visited the brothel.
Simon: "Oooh you sexy, naughty cooler, sooo wet"
(thrust thrust thrust)
Simon: "OOOoohhh" (grunt grunt grunt)
Evan: he so Pyman.
by simonTHEpyman August 15, 2007
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An absolute legend, does what he wants, when ever he wants. Professional golfer, professional Fortnite player and professional Roaster
Did you here about Pyman roasting Matsel, it was so fucking heated
by Ha Ha Yeah Man January 21, 2018
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