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The ultimate in pwning. Finishes off the set of owning one is capable of: own, pwn, pwnage, pwnzord, pwnzordorizatinagatate. Can only be used in the most extreme instances of someone getting pwned. Misuse of the word could, in turn, classify you as a noob and or even a cheeseman. The word is only to be used by those who are treated as royalty in the fields of gaming, or even life. Can add a -d for past tense, or an -s to define ones skill. (ex. 1. "You got pwnzordorizatinagatated!" 2. "Man, Paris pwnzordorizatinagatates like it's his job, eh?"

Paris: 1 v 1? I don't know about this...
Eric: Oh yeah... Want some? Get some!!
Eric: Wait, what the hell?!? Nooooo!! *owned!*
Eric: No, again?!! *pwned!*
Eric: Christ! Three times?!! *pwnage!!*
Eric: Holy roffle copter!!! *!PWNZORD!*
Eric: Not funny... *PWNZORDORIZATINAGATATED!!!!!!!*
Paris: 1 v 1 not so easy, huh buddy?
Eric: :'(
Paris: Cry more noob.


Being hit by a car while getting struck by lighting as a bird deficates on your head and your voice cracking as you go to scream for help is perfect grounds for someone to look at you and say, "pwnzordorizatinagatated!!".
by Paris (Cho) July 14, 2006
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