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a quiet town one hour north of New York City. It is really boring and everyone is always looking for something to do.
Person 1: I'm really bored
Person 2: No shit, we live in Putnam Valley
by byebyebye July 05, 2011
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a rural town located about 1 hour north of new york city. there is absolutely nothing to do here except smoke weed outside delis and walk around aimlessly. the town is run by morons constantly brag about how great pv is.

10% goobers
15% white trash
25% potheads/alcoholics
50% delirious old people

and 100% bored-ass individuals.
goober: putnam valley is the most bootiful town in the world...look at dem purdy lakes.

white trash: yo niqquh I wished I still lived in the bronx

potheads/alcoholics: lets go blow some trees and then buy beer at the deli bro.

old people: no school budget!
by thisdudeoverhere August 13, 2011
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