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A pussdick is someone who is being a pussy and a dick at the same time.
Jamal: Hey Tobby, wanna come play some basket ball.

Tobby: No man, ive got homework to do.

Zebb: What a pussdick!
by zzirgrizzfanboyxxii December 16, 2010
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A word derived from pussy and dick, used by pedophiles on the internet
Most commonly spelt : pu$$DiCk
Rapist: ni99@ My Pu$$dICk IS EXpAndING
Horny Teenager: Ohh baby, that's hot but what is a pussdick.
by rllyfunnichick94 April 26, 2009
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a pussy with a dick coming out of it lol
person 1: does she have a penis?
person 2: no, she has a pussdick
by dfvb djkvbdujvbdv June 02, 2018
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