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A female in need of complete access and control over the man to whom she is attracted. Purging bitches proceed to acquire control through surgical removal of the mans closest friends, either immediately or over time. Generally the males closest buddy is the number one target, and the most common medical procedure is through "harmless" jokes and accusations of the two men having homosexual relations. The suggestions are intended to frighten the two men into hanging out less frequently, so that they may prove they are not gay. Once the two friends are alienated from eachother, the bitch then proceeds with indirect demonization of the males best friend, "he's a really nice guy... and I like him... but..." complementing him with a generic and minor term, as a precautionary measure, then followed up by a more damaging accusation.

The most susceptible victims are attractive males that have "Pussy Whipped" tendencies. Purging bitches are unaware of their behavior and are equally so unaware of their actions. It is recommended to avoid purging bitches at all costs, as they are the most likely females to take extreme measures to lock down or destroy whichever man it is they want, but can't have. AKA, get knocked up, or toss around rape accusations. The behavior is usually attributed to religious females or females from a more conservative background.

Purging Bitches aren't easily killed and typical measures such as a stake through the heart or a silver bullet simply will not work. You must get holy water, a crucifix and probably a court order depending on the severity of the case.

Unexperienced Bitches usually proceed with removal immediately upon contact and the behavior is easily reckognizable. More dangerous types are the seasoned bitches which patiently wait until there is a minor dispute between the two friends and only then carries on with the procedure.
1. Friend: "Hey Melissa, this is Thomas that I went to Europe with."
Purging Bitch: "Oh, how cute! hehehe, you guys went on a little honey moon together... hehehe..."

2. "Chris is so Pussy Whipped, he lets that Purging Bitch control everything.
by Joseph Erickson September 28, 2007
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