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An adult female human who roleplays as a dog in a BDSM petplay relationship known as puppyplay. This can focus on humiliation and degradation or simply on being be an adored pet similar to the way a little is cared for in age play.

My wife feels humiliated when I make her be my puppygirl but she looks so hot when she's naked on all fours wearing her collar and she likes the treats and the head scratches.
by Ptails April 19, 2018
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In the SM scene, a submissive (Sub) woman willing to wear a collar and leash so as to be led around by her Dom (Master) for the purpose of public humiliation and degradation. The puppygirl will often also wear outlandish clothes such as latex or leather gear, or in certain circumstances, nothing at all.
Hey! Look at that guy over there with that nude girl on a leash - she must be his puppygirl!
by NetAddictOz March 17, 2009
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