The more socially accepted title for any subgenre, song, or artist of rock music -esp. thundering rock- which utilizes elements of irony, satire, metaphor, musical tone, poetry etc. to specifically target and rebel against an idea, trend, assumption, etc. which infringes upon, misrepresents, limits/arrests, and/or damages the integrity, health, and/or beneficial habits/personal image/reputation of a healthy personality and lifestyle not necessarily in agreement with mainstream society.

Origin of the term is unknown but was briefly repopularized by underground rock band Savage Insight frontman Antonio Lee when used as a heated response to a local recording studio representative attempting to categorize the artists as "goth-punk edged rock."
"'Punk rock is a conforming, assumptive and derogatory label used by dilletantes, and heartless manipulators...based on contempt, it is a term based on fashion, style, and elitism. The guy is a rebel rocker."

Rebel rock has many examples:

"Rockstar" -Nickelback
Sung by blockbuster rock group as a case of irony in that none of the actual members genuinely live anywhere close to the details in the music.

"Everybody's Fool" -Amy Lee/Evanescence
Case of satire showcasing common viewpoints and beliefs held by mass media and popular public assumption contrasted with the reality of a celebrity's lifestyle challenges as a overall superficial and negative image.

Artists: Iggy Pop, Mark Wood (Against the Grain) etc.
by NicheDiver October 01, 2007
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