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Noun. The annoyance of hearing consecutive lame puns--such as the word being defined. (Verb: to pun-ish)
3 bad puns in a row is pun-ishment
by Edgar Spelling April 16, 2008
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the infliction or imposition of a penalty as retribution for an offense.
" Your crimes demand a just punishment"
by robert ownes November 24, 2019
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It Said When Somone Gets Majorly Owned

It First originated on Failblog When a commentator Shouted the word PUNISHMENT! after somone got Pwn3d on National T.V
commentator1: "we are here today..."

*Baseball Flies Into Crowd Knocking somone unconscious*

commentator1: "O..M...."

commentator2 "PUNISHMENT!
by loonyface August 06, 2009
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A process involving the smoking of zoots (spliffs, doobies, joints, bifters etc..) where the number of herbal cigarettes is one less in number than the group of people smoking them.
Allow, Ben, please skin, otherwise it won't be punishment.
by ElBison86 December 14, 2011
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Something given by Mr. Roper - often involves drawing out a cartographical diagram in duplicate or triplicate.
"Ohhhhh that's it Mr. Roper, you tell him off"

"And if you think it's funny Dr. Hewitson you're punished as well! Do this map in duplicate you absolute shah!"
by TGKF August 07, 2004
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The satisfaction that the infidel who's life has slipped through their fingers at your hands after crossing the line will no longer be in pain.
Punishment completed
by bushlight December 11, 2017
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