When one claims to be arriving at a location in a short amount of time but either shows up 10 hours later or not at all without giving you a heads up.
Bro 1:- Yo, this dude Pulled a Fat. He said he'd be on in 30mins but it's been 8 hours

Bro 2:- Blame yourself for thinking he'd actually be here.
by Dark Greed January 31, 2016
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1) The action of removing a wall post on Facebook from your own wall written by someone else about you when it happens to be embarrassing for you.

2) The action of removing a wall post on Facebook written by someone else about you when you don't have a comeback for it.
Fat Nat: (writes a stupid status)
Legend: (comments on the status and disses her)
3rd person: hahaha! Legend that's jokes but also mean
Legend: Marmz she deleted my post wtf!!!
Marmz: Ya I knew she was gonna pull a Fat Nat!!
by MTL Legend January 21, 2010
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When someone leaves without saying anything.
I'm gonna pull a fat oskar on my wife
Oskar pulled a fat oskar yesterday.
by fatoskar February 27, 2018
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The term "pulling a fat" derives from Queens NYC street lingo. It is often used to describe an individual or organization whom displays behavior associated with the infamous Mohammad Khan of JHood. This behavior includes but is not limited to; flaking on moves right before they occur, making up an excuse to get out of a link, and capping in general.

Individuals who pull fats are considered highly dangerous. The NYPD recommends that if you see an individual pulling a fat you must contact the local authorities immediately.
Bruh moves is clipped this dude making up some BS excuse saying he lost his keys so he can't link smh this nigga stay pulling a fat
by QGTM juhurrrd September 26, 2021
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