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On the WoW role playing server "Conquest of the Horde", a guild named Demonifuge had a roll combat system where mages had the ability to cast "Netherwind." A spell that would be an instant crit upon rolling over 20 but if you fail, you will end up summoning more enemies. During one of these combat situations, a character named Vandreal managed to cast an AoE (Area of Effect) netherwind and rolled a 19, resulting in summoning a large group of imps. This was a giant fail and lulz were had. Since then, the act of failing hard at casting Netherwind is now known as "Pulling a Vandreal."
Random mage 1 summons the powers of Netherwind to aid him against the enemies who surround him. He rolls 19. Random mage 1 has summoned a large group of imps from missing the spell. Random mage 1 has succeeded with pulling a Vandreal

Random mage 2 comments "Dayum! You just pulled a Vandreal!"
by Roxas65 April 16, 2011
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