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Lying about random stuff to mess with people, claiming to be fat when you're really not, freaking out when put on the spot so you say really nice things which surprises people since they aren't used to you being nice, etc.
Christine said that she's going to do cheer leading instead of joining the school soccer team.

What? She's not like that, why would she cheerlead when she loves soccer?

Oh she's just Pulling a Tayler again like she did in that interview.
by Femalebaconloverrr November 21, 2013
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Forgetting to wear deoderant, especially in the case of important events, such as weddings or graduation.
"I totally pulled a Tayler last night, I smelled like death."

"I think my friend is pulling a Tayler, have you smelled her tonight?"
by Readp February 04, 2017
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