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The most difficult sexual move to perform. Here is how it is done.

At the end of your swimming training, wait for others to leave the pool. Then tell your smoking hot horny-ass girlfriend to wait for you at the other end of 50 meter swimming pool.

You then get ready at the other end and at her signal start to swim as fast as you can. When you reach her, you have to fuck her as hard as you can for only 15 seconds. The time must be timed by official unbiased timekeeper When the time is up, you have to swim all the way to where you started and then back to her again. You must not break the time limit of 15 seconds. If this happens you will receive 2 extra laps for every 5 seconds over allowed time limit.

The faster you swim, the less time will pass between fucking sessions and gives you better chances of maintaining erect penis. You may also feel intense rush of testosterone which you should take to your advantage.

A blowjob can also be performed by your girlfriend, but she may not use goggles or any breathing equipment thus making oral sex much more challenging.

If you reach orgasm by following the rules but without use of performance-enhancing drugs, your girlfriend will award you with 8 gold medals and thus you will be achieving a Michael Phelps
Yesterday, when everybody finished swimming, I called my hot horny girlfriend and totally succeeded Pulling a Michael Phelps on her. Damn it was so hard!
by Team_Michael-Phelps February 09, 2011
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