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In matters of creativity, the process of continually developing so many complex ideas that a believable/acceptable resolution becomes impossible.

This concept is often visible in media entertainment, because it allows great individual ideas to build upon one another without negative consequence for a period of time. This tends to generate enormous popularity, as viewers ultimately expect to see how each idea is related, and what the endgame plan for the creation was.

This particular expression also embodies the feeling of extreme letdown that occurs when one realizes an entire creative structure has collapsed because no thought was given to the resolution, only to the individual ideas that preceded it.

The phrase derives from the series finale of the television show Lost. Many viewers felt the finale failed to sufficiently elaborate on the ideas that had made the show interesting, therefore cheapening them and in turn nullifying what had been the show's greatest strength.
Did you hear that excuse little Johnny tried to give the teacher? I swear, he was pulling a lost!

I like that television show a lot, but I'm hesitant because I think it might be pulling a lost.

His story had a flying chimpanzee, three harmonicas, a Bangladeshian warlock, and a dying supernova! Dude pulled a lost!!!
by red5xx June 28, 2011
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