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To drink extremely quickly and in excess, causing the guilty party to become blackout drunk and vomit on all surrounding surfaces, causing a general panic as well as putting a damper on the party that follows. Bonus points for every surface the inebriated party covers in vomit (the more colorful the better!), and for every person that calls 911 on your behalf. Furthermore, one could be said to be "Pulling a Compitello" if they smoke after forgetting their inhaler, causing them to have an ahstma attack, if they ruin a party, if they forget their shoes, or any number of other party fouls.

Origins: Italian (Compe- complete, Tello- fucking mess)
"Damn, that girl just yacked up half a gallon on your carpet, she's really pulling a compitello tonight.
by aidsface69 October 09, 2017
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