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An expression used when someone does something that is largly frowned upon by the free world. Typically characterized by Lindsay Lohan's disregard for her life, career, and money.

Most commonly associated with people forgetting and looking for justification and an easy way out.
(In a heavy southern accent.)

Chrystal: "Why the fuck didn'chu call me lass nite?"
Tammy: "I was pulling a Lindsay, I got so high I didn't know where the phone was!"
Chrystal: "Crack Whore, I need'd smoks."
Tammy: "You know momma has a problem, I just can't kick the meth."
Chrystal: "Well I'ma get to work cause Reggie says if I'm late again I'ma be fired from the strip club."
Tammy: "Papa Reggie wont fire you, tell him you pulled a Lindsay."
by Dominic M July 01, 2007
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