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1. When you deliberately cheat on your girlfriend/spouse by performing inappropriate sexual actions, while later being mad at your gf/spouse for cheating on you.

2. Leaving the continent and worrying about your gf cheating on you while you are absent.
Joe: Dude, I'm in f***** Asia and my gf kissed that other b*****!

Girlfriend: What are you talking about?!? You got a f***** hand job a month ago!

Bystander: Aww Joe it's never good to "pull a sean"
by su madre. June 27, 2009
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When one will not take no for an answer, even when the opposed party gets belligerent.

asking a question, ignoring all responses, and doing what you want.

Thinking "NO" means "I WANT YOUR BALLS"

Act retarded with known consequences and use your endless well of good luck to not get a)arrested, b)caught, and c) your ass kicked
"Dude i did a 360 in the parking lot in Jarred Miata"
"You always pull a Sean"

"I got pulled over last night drunk while screaming 'HUH!!' and didnt get a ticket."
"You always pull a Sean."
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To do something incredibly slutty and/or dim-witted.
1) When John Doe slept with his friend's wife, he did pull a Sean.

2) When John Doe tripped down the stairs, he pulled a Sean.
by Rob Feind August 21, 2006
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