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when a person either considers wearing or decides to wear a diaper, or shove toilet paper between their butt cheeks in order to be able to travel from their current location to their desired destination while in the state of having severe, explosive diarrhea.
"Oh my God, dude, we gotta pull over."

"What for, we just got on the interstate?"

"That Chinese food we just ate is going right through me."

"No, man. We have to get to Orlando by midnight...I'll stop at the next gas station and you can pull a NASA."
by Dobber Guinn May 22, 2009
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To hold a vote for something and then reject an unwanted result in favor of one of your choosing. Named for an incident in which NASA held an online poll to name their new space module. Stephen Colbert won, but NASA has decided against naming their module the "Colbert."
Alice: "Did you see Time's 'Person of the Year' poll? Moot is number one right now."
Bob: "You know they're just going to pull a NASA and ignore him, right?"
by ann_on_a_mouse March 31, 2009
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