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1. In high-toned hillbilly discourse, a malapropism of pugnacity or pugnaciousness. Insolence, lip, bullshit,

2. By extended use, a collective of such as are prone to use the term, especially when in a quarrelsome frame of mind

( Note: the term does not, as has been misconstrued, refer to the homeland of such people ).
In expressing anger, frustration, confusion and the like ( perhaps modeled on damnation, tarnation )
1. Now let's have a little less a' yer pugnation, son, yint gonna tell yer no more, hear me?
2. We decided on a discreet departure from the bar, since a pugnation of rowdy rednecks had entered, clearly looking for entertainment of sorts.

What in pugnation do you mean you done stopped yer NRA subscritchins!
by nkalakatha May 31, 2018
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