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Pronounced 'Pu-gah-gu'. It's generally someone with an excess of pride. Their pride or proudness usually gets in the way of everyday activities. Eventually, they will start turning things down that gets in the way of their pride. An example is someone who turns down a bowl hit because it's been in slight contact with the bong water. A popular Montreal variation is "Sugagu".
"Come on man, hit this." .. "No, that has bong water on it." .. (sighs) "You're such a pugagu"

"Guy, you're just a hopeless pugagu, face the facts"

"You + your foolish pride = pugagu"

When a friend doesn't want to come hang out, "What are you? A pugagu or something?"

"Why is that guy so snobby?" .. "He's not, he's just a pugagu"

by BShock March 25, 2009
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