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1. Its like a bug-a-boo but sweeter. Pugs are wonderful children friendly creatures so a pug-a-boo is someone who has that puppy dog eyes look down when they are bugging you to do something.

2. It's like having a crush on someone that annoys you. They get under your skin and you are always thinking about them which is the annoying part.

3. A sexy and neurotic person you find attractive. You find their worrying characteristics to merit parenthood in a reproductive sense but don't want them to overly stress cause it is bad for their heart.
1. He is such a pug-a-boo, I just can't say no when he whines and looks at me deeply with those big blue eyes.

2. She says "You knew I was a work-a-holic before we got together, I have to finish this project, it has a deadline." He says "You can be a work-a-holic when it is not our time which right now is bed time, put the damn electronics up, your brain needs 30 minutes of inactivity before sleep" which is true and in an infuriated passion she throws up her arms and cries "Why do you have to be such a pug-a-boo!?"

3. Just watching him pace back and forth and occasionally run into things drives me insane I just want to grab him by his head and kiss him all over his face until he stops tripping. Then you want to take your pug-a-boo and go home and cuddle.
by AndreaPhD April 09, 2014
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