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Derived from the noun 'Puff'; the pure, unadulterated love one experiences when one has reached a state of relationship nirvana, Puffism is a philosophy that explores the notional existence of Puff and its role within the universe.

Acolytes of Puffism are generally referred to as puffins, and unlike many classic religious or philosophical movements it requires neither membership nor a statement of belief from its followers. In many cases one is a Puffin purely by reaching a state of Puff. Puffism exists purely in an academic form to help non-puffins reach Puff.
"Wow, it appears I was wrong about scientology. I'm embracing Puffism."

"Puff provides an a priori, teleological solution to the problem of mans inhumanity towards man'. - ch.2vs17 of the Bagapuff Ghita
by thisisnotariot February 18, 2011
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