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When you have eaten some two week old leftover mexican food and you have to shit so bad you don't have time to clean the seat before sitting down in a public bathroom. You simply pick any open stall and sit, hoping that some teenager didn't piss all over the stall as a 'joke'.

Usually played when you know what you ate, and believe that the consequences of hesitating to check the seat are worse than sitting in whatever could possibly be on the seat.

Can also be played as a dare between friends.
1: Mike: Jeff man why are you two hours late? The game is halfway over!

Jeff: Dude I lost a game of public bathroom roulette in the subway station. Had to go home again to shower. You wouldn't believe the mess I sat down on. At least I didn't shit myself though! My girl was right, I should've thrown out those leftovers!

2: Dude! Did you see the size of that guy who just came out of the bathroom? I bet he left a nasty rooster tail. Hey Brian, I'll give you $20 to play a round of public bathroom roulette right now!
by 123pshyc! July 08, 2018
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