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Mexican/Irish co-host of loveline with Dr. Drew. Often does impressions of Gene Simmons, Spencer Pratt, and his own character, Rudy. Frequently comments on his small penis. Recovering drug addict. Extremely ripped and dead sexy. Has some homosexual tendancies.
I can't believe what Psycho Mike said on loveline last night. He's craaaaaazy.
by kitkatweird11 November 04, 2010
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A Mexican on Loveline that is part of the MWSP(Men With Small Penises) who can change his voice into a gay former inmate, a dude that made a 'sick' Religion, and an insane indian guy that has special issues. Constantly having awkward moments with his hidden homosexuality on air, and is an awesome co-host on the show. He is known for bringing the 'Stinky Pinky' game to light on air, which may sound like a crude sexual act, but it a children's word game.
Psycho Mike did such a good Spencer impression last night, I totally thought there was a gay priest as a guest on loveline!
by Palistus November 07, 2010
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