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An underground family of teenagers originating from a collection of towns throughout Wyoming who are involved with vandalizm, burglary, arcen, theft, robbery, and a variety more. Not any kid who does these crimes is a 'Psycho Kid' though. Many are left to believe the crimes have evolved from possibly religious, or higher power beliefs, and/or superstition. Also, we believe there is a form of 'maturing' to a higher level, involving the title of Chaos. Leading members remain unidentified, though we know what they look like. One with brown hair, sometimes dyed black, blue eyes, athletic build, a lip piercing on the right side, 2 piercings on his left ear, one on the right, around 6ft. apprx. 160 to 170lbs. Another with blonde hair, hazel eyes, heavier set, no piercings, around 6 ft. as well, apprx. 210 to 220lbs. Another with dirty dish blonde hair, sometimes died black, hazel eyes, athletic build, a left ear piercing, around 6ft. 2in. and apprx. 160 to 170lbs. One more leader has been seen but we have no understanding on anything but heighth, apprx. weight and hair color. 5ft. 10in, light brown to a dirty dish hair color, and apprx. 150 to 160lbs. The understanding of this group is they are an organized family of crime, who don't care who gets in their way.
Psycho Kids are not to be fucked with yo!
by Johnny2timerDoe August 17, 2010
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