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A womans inate ability to take a subject or idea and then through her voodoo magic, turn that subject/idea into something totally different. Many Men find problems with this when trying to converse with women or when trying to watch a good show on TV. When Psycho bitchinesis comes into affect; A talk about ones desired place to eat that night may turn into a talk about why the toilet seat was left up or why you didn't say "I Love you" Last night before you went to bed.
Man: Hey honey could you bring me a beer please?

Woman during Psycho Bitchinesis: Ok Walter but first off, Why the hell haven't you sent my mother a thank you card for last years christmas present. You know what your a lazy bastard, and if you leave that toilet seat up one more time I might actually stab you while you sleep!

Man (terrified beyond comprehension): Ummmm......I Love You????? Do you want my Credit card???
by Skybo67 October 12, 2009
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