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Typically a teenage male between 12-19 who considers themselves involved in the hardcore scene.

This person identifies as bisexual even though they have never had a boyfriend, and still repulse at the idea of two men having sex or making out.

Though the true reason for this behavior is still unknown, there is speculations that it is either to justify the femininity of males in their subculture (Use of guyliner, straightening hair, skinny jeans, ect.) or for some reason they do it to find a female mate.

They are typically universally regarded a douchebags that degrade the integrity of the gay community by those who see through their facade.

Though remember, not all bisexuals in the hardcore scene are psuedo-bisexuals.
Guy 1: "Mike's pretty Hardcore and He says he's Bi."
Guy 2: "Nah, He's a psuedo-bisexual. Straight as they come man."

Guy 1: "So you're Bi?"
SceneBoy1: "Yes, But I'm only Bi for the chicks."
Guy 1: "ugh, You Psuedo-bisexual prick."
by IndustrialKidd April 02, 2010
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