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Any country claiming to be a democracy, which in all actuality is not. Especially in reference to federal republics which are legitimately and incorrectly understood by many to be democracies. North Korea's government would also be a pseudomocracy, but this term wouldn't be required; a hearty laugh would suffice.
President: Our goal in this war is to spread democracy around the world... (TV turned-off).
Egalitarian parent (EP): What a joke! Everybody knows that this is a Federal Republic and nothing close to a democracy. This is just a pseudomocracy. Legislators have no concept of how the majority of their constituency feel. They are essentially awarded their position by a corporation and primarily represent corporate interests.
Child: But mommy, my teacher says that we have a representative democracy. She says that our country is too big to have a direct democracy and that this is the closest thing in the world.
EP: Well sweetie, what do you pledge allegiance to everyday after the flag?
Child: Um... The republic that it stands for.
EP: That's right pumpkin. Also, there are countries in Europe where people can vote on all federal laws and policies. Even on their constitution. It works great for them.
Next time that your teachers says that we live in a democracy, correct her. We live in a psuedomocracy.

Sailor: Excuse me, Chief. I'm having a moral dilemma. I already pledged not to lie, but you told me to say that I am supporting democracy around the world. Is this a trick; we live in a pseudomocracy.
Chief: Shut up you momo and say it!

Chinese voting official: Hey you, vote for these people. You must vote incumbents, this how democracy work.
Villager: Strong accent! I already know this how a pseudomocracy work!
by Johnny RS July 23, 2010
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