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Someone with an upper middle class background and a well-paying job that adopts all the affectations of the bohemian urban living as a superficial cover for his/her truly entitled self.
Parker: Wanna go to the Arts District tonight? I got an invite for the opening of the gastropub run by the chef from the organic single source Bolivian schnitzel craft truck.

Logan: What? I'm so over that whole pseudohemian scene. Can we just get real tacos from a real Mexican restaurant with real margaritas? You know, like real people used to do?
Parker: Ya, I guess you're right. I'm kinda done pretending how much I like Moscow Mules so much better in a copper mug anyway.

wannabe posester poser fake vacuous product-laden frontier beard disc earring pour over avocado toast
by The Original Tankboy June 23, 2017
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