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When somebody does something that isn't really worth real praise, but you're happy for them.
Justin, "Hey T-dogs i got a 91 on my test!"

T-dogs, "Proudayou."
by t-dogs mcgee August 18, 2011
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A complimentary phrase one might make to another person, accompanied by a 'pat' on the head, or a 'boop' with the finger on the nose, to distract the recipient from a booger being wiped on them.

Originally seen in Family Guy, episode: "Stewie Kills Lois."
Lawyer: Chris, have you ever seen your father do anything bad?

Chris: that you mention it...


Peter picks his nose. He tries to flick his booger off of his index finger. It won't budge.

Peter: Hey Meg..................Proud a you.

Peter strokes her head. The booger sticks.
by davemcnasty November 17, 2010
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