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I created this word one night while plasma-surfing through the spirit-realm. It is linguistically the opposite of contemplate, to eternalise/crystallize the pros. Once you have extracted essential material or answers to anything while contemplating you record them, and attempt to implement them in whatever matter it is. Let's go in the wise words of Don Juan Matus:"When you see the ally, you must become one with it."
One good example would be music, listening closely to the sounds and feels, you contemplate what might complement it well, once you discover what the sonic-ally is, whether it be an open hi-hat, sitar or funky bassline, you take it and proternalise it into the song.

J: I have finally discovered that periscoping the world around you is one effective way to escape any bland setting, this is now an integral part of my "Making the world a whole lot trippier escapade". What sort of sation would this discovery be considered?

C: Let's call it; Proternalisation.

J: Word. It sounds like what contemplation would eventually give birth to.
by Phosphorojic September 29, 2010
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