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Prool or Pr00l is another word for a noob.

A prool is some who is experienced enough to understand how to play a game properly.

Prools are not exactly pro's but people who play a game on a day to day basis.

Unlike a noob, a prool is able to understand why they are losing and how they can prevent this from happening.
"don't worry I'm a prool, I have played this game before."

"Are there any prools in this server?"
by The word guy. October 08, 2016
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A prick who often doesn't know that he is also a tool. Someone who presents old info like it's breaking news and says it like the true dick he is. Also considered a kiss ass or brown noser and is usually a pervert or sexual deviant.
Can you believe Steven in that staff meeting? That prool was talking out of his ass! Not to mention kissing the bosses ass, with tongue. Like get a friggin' room or something... gosh!
by E. Knoxx Winthorpe III April 08, 2010
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