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Models who are well on the path to prostitution via Club Promoters and their obsession with a specific club/type of music EDM , House, Hip Hop etc.

There are usually three types of Promo Hoe.

1. The Club Rat : Regular guys or girls who frequent promoter tables or dinners
2. The Atmosphere Models : Models who get paid in money/food/drinks to frequent promoter tables or dinners
3. The Insta-Club Rats : Clicks of Models who are directly associated with one or more promoters usually because they owe them money, live in their model houses or have an agency that has sold their cell numbers or rented them (without their knowledge) to the promoters/clubs to boost their Insta profiles.

All 3 types are usually feeding and bleeding on the music scene.

Feeding on the food, drinks, apts and drugs, whilst slowly bleeding out their own money, dignity and reputation.
"look at that table of models!"
"Shit... they ain't models no more, Bro. They barely legal, they sitting with douchebags and they fuuuucked up!"
"Perfect! I got me a c-note and some molly. Let's tap a couple of those dirty little Promo Hoes!"
by Kid Koko and Slim January 03, 2018
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