A euphemism for mental health services, implying that mental health services are shameful and should be kept a secret. Also, in a country like the United States, which values the physically active, the tangible, metrics, and all and only that which can be seen and measured, the legitimacy of a group of professionals who sit on their butts all day listening to people bitch and moan has to be questioned.
-Did you hear about Mike? He's all kinds of messed up since getting out of the service: homeless, drugs and alcohol, divorced, all that.
-Yeah, I feel bad cause bro got hit by shrapnel. Still, I think maybe he needs professional help.
-... ... ... So, you gonna tell him he needs professional help?
-Hell no.
-Yeah, hell no...
-Maybe give him some space, right?
-Yeah, he's got is war buddies, right? Maybe he's turned into some kinda psycho.
-Yeah, let's just give him some space, bro. It's cool. He'll be fine.
by KeepItSweet November 17, 2022
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