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One who procrastinates while doing typical "nigga shit". ie. Playing Spades, Watching Maury, Stuntin, Baggin Bitches.
Guy1: What you doing we were suppose to leave an hour ago!

Guy2: Give me one second, Maruy just came on.

Guy1: You are such a procrastinigga.
by @iBlackguy August 25, 2012
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Noun describing a person who is always late for or absent to activites/meetings/functions do to the fact of being a procrastinator, especially when in the case of a black person.
"RoC BoY": Yo, Son! We Gotta Go 2 Dis Meeting!

"Bubba RoCs": Aiight Fool!..Let Me Log On Facebook Real Quick && See If Darlysia Wrote Me Back!

"RoC BoY": Man..Yu Being A Procrastinigga!..Facebook..A Procrastiniggas Paradise..

"Just Neaq": So True Bae..So True..
by GrayRoCs December 04, 2009
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