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In the WWII-Korean War period, a prophylactic kit (Pro-kit, Prokit, Pro kit) was a military-issued packet for use by male service personnel if they were going to engage in sexual intercourse with a female of unknown "credentials." Military authorities emphasized the need to prevent the spread of venereal diseases, and in the furtherance of that effort the free Pro-kit was distributed to personnel going on leave or into town on a pass. The Pro-kit, in one form at least, consisted of an instruction sheet, a condom, a disposable pre-moistened wash cloth containing an antibacterial soap, a cleansing tissue and a small tube of antibacterial ointment which was to be injected into the penis and massaged as far as possible along the urethra, all in an effort to prevent the contraction of a venereal infection. It is amusing that currently a number of businesses and corporations use Pro-kit (Prokit or Pro kit) as their name or the name of their product. It is probable that anyone responsible for the adoption of such a name was either too young or naive to be aware of the name's origins.
He was planning a wild night on the town, so before he left the base he got a couple of Pro-kits from the Company Medic.
by Clicker Guy October 14, 2013
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