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A pro Wow player must do the following things:

-Gain 50 lbs per week.
-Sit at the computer constantly. Do not move.
-Do not pay attention to anything else but the computer.
-Do not shower.
-Do not take eyes off of screen.
-Have someone feed you instead of getting up and getting food yourself.
-Do not use the restroom.
-Skip school/work to play WoW.
-Cry of joy when you reach level 100.
-Try to find a job where you would be paid to play WoW.

And there you have it, that is what a pro WoW player should be.

and if YOU would like to be pro, by all means, follow those simple instructions.
Just go look up 'fat kid' on google images, or 'Pro WoW Player.' But you'll still see a fat kid anyways. No difference.
by notsopro April 03, 2009
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