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Priyasha is a girl that is So stunning ans gorfues that every time you look at her your mouth drops her eyes are like the souls of glaxies and every time you look at them you see how much of a wonderful person she is. Her voice sounds like an angel that was signing from above. She has the greatest personality it's filled with Soo much love and joy in her life that she emits from her body helping everyone around her she has a dirty mind but she is so sweet and kind and... cute that everyone adores her and her brilliance she's the smartest of the smarts I don't know how to describe it she says things that blow peoples mind she is a person of happienes, kindeness, hilariousness, and Amazingness
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an amazing, short, creative, and cute girl thats extremely focused on her studies but is also very sexy kinky ;))
dude, i like girls like priyasha!
by qwerty23423 May 14, 2018
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