Princess is ones swag appeal to lighter colors of style clothing, acts of Heem, or simply feeling good about himself

(this specific definition is towards male, no The princess in this definition , is not gay)
"Fuck that hoe imma princess"

"I look like ma fkin queen Elizabeth nigga"

"Im Heem, nigga im a Princess cant tell me shit"
by GoonAssPrincess August 18, 2011
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I spoiled pampered brat who will cry or scream if anything gets in her way. After doing one of the two she waits for her dumbfuck parents to help her. Most of the people of the front page of this word seem to fit this catagory. Princesses can be of any age but most common are 8-13 to 18-25.
Sitouation 1:"Hey do you want anythi-" *screaming intensifys*

Guy 1"Hey dude the girl is shoplifting makeup"
Cop:"thanks for notifying me"

Cop:"ma'am please put the makeup b-"

Horde of retards "get him" *beats up police officer*
by leftforalt August 31, 2018
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A beautiful young woman who doesn’t respond well to the word “no”
Landen thinks he can tell his Princess no.
by Mkmkmk96 May 28, 2018
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A Useless very short or petite female who works in a warehouse or factory type production industry but wears high heels breaking safety codes regularly and getting overpaid to get other people to do her job. Laughs loud like a monkey screams and wears to much perfume so actual hardworkers can't breathe even long after this bitch leaves.
Here comes the princess calling out for someone else to help her do her job.
by Retired CEO May 10, 2018
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1. Used to refer to a female of royalty, the widow or wife of a small prince, or the daughter of a queen or king.
2. Used to refer to a partner, commonly a nickname to a woman who is love able or desirable to person using word, also used to refer to a brattish woman or male
“Yep, she’s my little princess.”

“Man, girl acts like she’s a damned princess.”

The princess will soon be a queen.”
by Http-Smol May 29, 2018
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