Newly Christened Princess of Norway. Two-month old Norwegian princess Leah Isadora, whose first name was inspired by Star Wars heroine Princess Leia, was christened in the royal palace chapel.

Born on April 8, 2005, Leah Isadora is the second child of Princess Maertha Louise and writer Ari Behn, and the third grandchild of King Harald and Queen Sonja.
Wow, finally we Star Wars geeks can point to a real life Princess Leah (Leia)
by Leif June 17, 2005
The name that retard rebel Jan Dodonna calls Princess Leia in Star Wars Episode IV.
"Using the data provided by Princess Leah, we now realise that we can blow up the entire death star by shooting this little hole. Now, may the force go with you"
by Raptoris January 21, 2007