A body-piercing of the penis, in which a metal ring (which begins almost straight and is later bent, with pliers, into a round shape) of various compositions (some are Sterling Silver, some Gold, some Surgical Stainless Steel) and various circumferences (ranging from that of a U.S. dime to that of a U.S. quarter), is installed in the penis. The entry point is the frenulum (which is that part of the penis located just behind the area where the glans tapers up), and the exit point is the urethra (from which urine and semen flow). When performed by a competent Piercer, it's installation produces excruciating pain, but only of a second's duration. If you're contemplating getting one, insist on the Piercer's License, as to prevent contracting a STD.
Yeah. But the bad news is that because he had this "Prince Albert Piercing," he has to wear a Tampax in his undies for the next week, as there is residual bleeding from the proceedure for a short time.
by acrobat19129 July 11, 2010
a fuckin' dick piercing! hahah yeahh.. guys...with a prince albert piercing u'll get the best sex ever, and u'll make ur girl enjoy soooooooo much! hot hot sex boyzzz..!
the prince albert piercing goes at the bottom of the pennis
by ..cami.. May 9, 2006