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A town in northern Idaho, manly noted for its failing lumber industry, streets with no sidewalks, and its hate for people from California. It is also known as the shithole between the annoying assholes from Spokane Washington and the gorgeous haven of Priest Lake.The best place to eat is Mac's, a local gas station. If you don't own an ATV or a gun, there isn't much to do. and the internet is slow as fuck. the people who drive through often say "hey, that looks like a town, only smaller"
Priest River passed a law outlawing education, liberalism, and black people.
by OrignalWolf April 27, 2011
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That one town every one avoids because it reminds them of some sort of strange place that their car will break down in and will get butt fucked by every single hick ass male in town.
Guy1: Dude take a left here.
Guy2: Hell no that place is a Priest River!!!!
Guy1: Your right, I don't want to lose my ass virginity.
by Tall Hank June 18, 2009
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Priest River is a beautiful small town in Northern Idaho. Everyone there is very kind and I love living here. All of the assholes that come from out of town usually end up saying that Priest River isn't the best spot to land in, but it's very beautiful.
With Wildcats at the elementary, Warriors of the junior high and Spartans of the high school, we will always find a way to kick anyone's ass!!
Everyone in town knows everyone so don't bother trying to mess with someone in town.
Mitchells is the main store there then there is Exxon, Mitchells gas station, or Mac's for gas stations. There are a few animal shelters. There's a park and also a few banks around town. There is a lovely swimming hole down town called "The Docks" and anyone who is anyone goes and swims down there. There's the skate park which is alittle bit up town. A cemetary which is north east up town. And last but not least you can always make friend easily.
guy1: which way is the way to Mitchells?

guy2: Its to the next left in the middle of town
guy1: Kay thanks

person 1: Do you know how to get from Priest River from here?
person 2:Ya its just 5 miles north and across the bridge
person 1: Okay bye.
by Kiki_teh_kitteh June 28, 2012
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