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An old German term meaning "small arms" used as an insult to the king by Germans in 1600's but today is used as a last man for many Americans of royal German descent
Dude#1 "bro dude dude look at Wesley priebe over there"
Dude#2 "haha ya look how small his arms are"
Dude#3 "low key I jacked off to him no homo
by Ruski cyka December 03, 2018
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A person who likes to hear the sound of his own voice. A relationship expert - will give out advice while sharing thoughts on one's own experience/inexperience. Will explain the same thing in ten different ways. Usually refers to one specific encounter with a girl.
Laura: I'm so bummed about my boyfriend breaking up with me.
Priebe: Hey,'re a good person. This reminds me of a time with this one girl...
by Zack Hanson February 14, 2007
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