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A complete and utter shithead. A total bastard that wants nothing more than to see others fail and be unhappy. Usually associated with positions with power. Can work for a male or female, prickasaurus has no boundaries when it comes to evil. A prickasaurus has no soul, and often does only what the prickasaurus wants to do. A Prickasaurus often is of low intelligence and usually is unaware of this defect. The prickasaurus lives in its own world and thinks everyone loves him/her.
Wow! My boss Jill is such a massive prickasaurus! She's amazingly clueless and she's a total bitch too!
by The amazing Connor June 28, 2005
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A gigantic prick, somebody that intentionally ignores the consequences of their actions on others and actually seems to take a little satisfaction if any harm was a result.A
Who was the PRICKASAURUS that hung the toilet papaer roll to the inside ?
by M.ST.C September 02, 2006
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One who is a prick to the extent at which it is comparable size to the size of a dinosaur. A gigantic prick, or douche.
Todd, I can't believe you slept with that girl I like. Why do you have to be such a prickasaurus!
by pebble counter July 18, 2008
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