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Prianca is an awesome nice girl. If you lose her you will be very upset. She is hilarous. She is very smart and het heart is so big is might explode. She is beautiful but doesn't know it ,true to herself and amazing to be around. She is fun, wild, forgiving and loyal. She trys to help as many people as can, you will be lucky to have her as a friend ( if you are lucky enough to be friends with a prianca don't screw it up you will regret it) Prianca can make friends very easily because of her fun bubbly personality. She makes all the guys fall in love with her and is just perfect. She is the prettiest and smartest in her friend group.
I am naming my daughter Prianca because she an amazing, beautiful daughter.
by pksgdhdisbs August 01, 2017
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An absolute whore, that has sold her soul to the devil. Her friends don't know it, but she really longs to be a volunteer prostitute (providing free sex to the homeless). She also is notorious and responsible for most seminal stains in lecture theatres across udw.
My daughter will be a whore like her mother, her name shall be Prianca too.
by AdmiralGeneralLordBaker November 04, 2014
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