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A trendy kid, who looks exactly like a forever 21 mannequin, and shops exclusively, only at the stores deemed "scene."

They don't fit in, they only try to. They pretend to be trendy. A pretrender is simply a cheap replica of a fashion magazine cut out. They just can't seem to get the look right.

They enjoy playing dress up with their older sister, and grandma's jewelery, and like mixing era clothing, and wearing mismatched clothes.

They often carry full packs of cigarettes, and lighters in their pockets, even though they don't smoke, it's part of the look.
Girl: Ugh she's such a Pretrender I can't believe she's wearing her dad's shirt AGAIN.

Boy: Ummmm, I have the same one...


Boy: What are you talking about? *takes an invisible puff off of unlit camel"
by deathcabforolivia September 17, 2008
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