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Pretentipus is an archaic word that is embellished with at least four meanings depending on context. It was created when a pretentious person misspelled the word 'pretentious' as 'pretentipus' and his pet parrot then proceeded to call him a pussy.

1. Pretentious Pussy. (This is the most common meaning of the word and is most frequently used.)

2. Bicycle.

3. Cops; police; law enforcement etc.

4. Open; unlock; unfasten etc.
1. ''You know that girl Jessica? She is such a pretentipus!''

2. ''Hey, man, I was thinking of going up to my grandpa's mansion tomorrow, any chance I can borrow your pretentipus?''

3. ''Shit, dawg, we gots ta get outta here dem pretentipus iz comin' yo!''

4. ''If you don't pretentipus this door right now I swear on my dead mother's grave I will smash your teeth out and mouth-fuck you!''
by Henry Krinkle's Stomach Cancer January 06, 2013
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