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A Pretend Palfie, is a Palfie (Selfie with a pal, or pals) but taken of yourself with a non-real face!

i.e. An example could be a mobile photo of you and a famous face on a poster. (Instant Fan!).

Or get extra creative and daring! Take a photo of yourself together with an image (face) from the back of someones t-shirt! OR go into stores and take a photo with you and shop displays, mannequins etc...

Subjects can be sculptures, paintings in galleries, graphic images of faces, shop displays and products, mannequins; Other places to look can be bars, clubs, buses, subways, hospitals, at work, your favourite convention etc... ;)

A non-real face can be human or non human - No rules as long as you make it a 'pretend' Palfie.

Upload to Instagram and Twitter etc and share your adventures!
"Check this Pretend Palfie of me and Justin Bieber (Poster) Oh! it was amazing meeting him!"

"Pretend Palfie with freaky shop display!"

"Me and a lions face in a #pretendpalfie from the back on this guy's t-shirt!"
by SocialJam May 27, 2014
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