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Ever wondered how it will feel like ejaculating but nothing coming out?
Well now you can, introducing Pressure-Treasure.
Simply install the tip of a Q-Tip inside your pee hole and start choking the rooster. When your done just simply remove the Q-Tip and toss away. No more mess to clean up!!!
How does this work?
Well the Q-Tip stops the sperm from ever leaving your body, and your body swallows the sperm back due to pressure.

*Warning Don't Try This At Home, You Will Die!!!*
"No more toilet paper? Fuck!!! I need to cum so badly!!! Oh there's a Q-Tip right there. (Installed Q-Tip). Oh yeah aahhh, it feels so good. Oh I'm cumming, I'm cumming!!!
There you go,no more clean up."

He died after for trying this.
Dont do Pressure-Treasure unless you're serious!!!
by What Boner? July 11, 2011
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