Prep + Redneck = Prepneck
The upcoming generation of fakes. Prepnecks are kids that claim to be "cowboys" and they run around where skin tight Ranglers, and cowboy boots, but a few years back, they had only seen they Confederate flag in KKK movies and wore "Prep" clothes. Now they run around thinking they are Rednecks and get tattoos of the Confederate flag on them, and stickers of it on their car. Basically, they are fucking idiots..
The prepneck broke his ankle running in cowboy boots when we was running from his father in a buisness suit while playing tag.
by monDay June 29, 2003
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A preppy kid who also gets down with the rednecks. One who goes to horse races both ironically and not ironically. Wears polos at a country concert. The true prepnecks are indigenous to Maryland, Virginia and the Carolinas.
Jackson wore a southern tide polo to Hunt Cup- what a prepneck!
by Gingham December 7, 2018
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