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Prelude to entropy. Prelintropy is the preliminary events that subside that lead to chaos l. Often local central omni network falsivities - about variables beyond comprehension, yet fathomed by scientists & eventually proven quack theories that accumulate to undermining of one's public reputation to further oppress the possibility of mind modernization that harnesses creativity & expressivity to release energy from ones soul vs normalization, isolation, and alienation traditionally performed by most psychiatrists whose modern medicine steals dopamine & serotonin, blocks sensors in your body responsible for fullness when eating, gives you epileptic tremors in your sleep & while on alcohol, increases body mass fat cells from the synthetic anti-psychotics that are meant to 'take away bad thoughts' from your soul via modulating the receptors in your brain responsible calculative accuracy of hypothetical scenario renders that assist with decision making instincts in the frontal lobe to solve problems. When body to treat your soul otherwise known as your mind or geist. misunderstood metaphysics of astral plane soul faux faux area.
Prelintropic solutions are common in mistakes made to remedy a situation with fear marketing, passed laws, and changes or amendment to constitution freedoms and rights, whose changes validate the preliminary events that lead to chaos. Prohibition failure is a prime example of precursor events that have lead to marijuana legalization. Often local central research & development of faux criminal profiles based on the detectives note taking activities as one builds another puzzling Frankenstein of past notes almalgamated as the renegade officer paints over another's reputation creating their pet monster illustrating only negativity about others similar to the way a super villains are profiled by Peter Parker. Public lies, like the falsivities surrounding hemp and propaganda that warned the health risks associated with marijuana use, are fear variables that your local authorities tinker with in the form of scheduled substances that in turn micromanage your body chemistry & supposedly keep you safe from dangers on the black market. Enforcement meddle in other people's business in feeble aggressive assumptively-deservance of other people's product or property if acquired 'illegally' in an attempt to thief what bit of pleasure criminals get from their illicit activities.
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